Looking for a place to go for the weekend or a week away? The imaginary town of Meander is the perfect place for a wander that the whole family can enjoy

This self-directed project gave me the opportunity to imagine a made uptown and provide an app to help tourist find their way around. Features such as bus timetables, attractions and a gallery for users to upload their experiences in the area. 


The case study will follow the process of creating the prototype app that is designed to be client-focused and user-friendly. Concluding with showing the final screenshots of the completed project. 



Artboard 11.png

The app starts with the opening page that gives you all the options to the app. Each link has its own menu to help navigate around the app with ease. 


The style and colour palette allows for smooth navigation between features of the app with simple and clean backgrounds, sans-serif font and bold imagery. 


All icons and imagery were self-created with the exception of the event photos that were sourced from local event websites. This project was a great way to explore different photography techniques and bring beauty to an area that could be considered a ‘dirty’ place. The photos were shot mainly in Gosford and surrounding suburbs such as Terrigal and Kariong. 

App Personalised Features

Artboard 2 copy 23.png
Artboard 5 copy 10.png
Artboard 2 copy 4.png
Artboard 5 copy 13.png
Artboard 2 copy 25.png
Artboard 5 copy 6.png
Artboard 2 copy 14.png
Artboard 5 copy 3.png

Meander was portrayed to be seen as the perfect place to holiday, the seasons are perfect and theres always something to do

Artboard 3.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.42.56

Using real location maps to keep it looking accurate but applying the style guide to keep consistency and flow. ​

Photography from App

Gallery photo 1
Gallery photo 2
Gallery photo 3
Gallery photo 4
Gallery photo 5
Gallery photo 6
Gallery photo 7
Gallery photo 8
Gallery photo 9
Gallery photo 10
Gallery photo 11
Gallery photo 12

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