Basic Drawing

Self Directed: Exploring the basic skills of drawing to build technique

I gave myself three main exercises that explore different techniques of drawing and illustration: Perspective, still life and figure. There are as followed:
1. Using reference material and field drawings construct a representational drawing of a built environment such as street, building, or interior construction in either 2 or 3-point perspective.
2. Using a still life set up as a basis to complete a rendered drawing using perspective principles.
3. Using a 3D digital figure study the gesture form and structure of at least 2 poses through both linear and constructive drawing processes.

1. Perspective


Initial Sketches

2. Still Life


Skull exercise

Scene Set Up

3. Figures


Female Back- Straight on

Female Side On-Towards Light

Male back- Straight on

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Calcualted Impulse
Calculated Impulse is pattern generation and application onto products/gifts for the creative consumer. Complex designs with a simple purpose
Looking for a place to go for the weekend or a week away? The imaginary town of Meander is the perfect place for a wander that the whole family can enjoy.

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